Featured Business – Royal Banks of Missouri

   The Olive Link is defined by the changes it has undergone throughout the decades. Businesses have come and gone while buildings have been constructed, demolished and remodeled. A hotbed of immigrant-owned restaurants and retailers, the Link reflects the cultural diversification of the United States. Meanwhile, property owners and realtors are working to attract tech… Read More

Featured Business – Inn From the Storm

For incarcerated individuals on the cusp of being reintroduced to general society, the prospect of life on the outside can induce both apprehension and fear. Even though they have served their sentences and have earned a second chance at freedom, these individuals are often unequipped by our institutions with the skills and resources necessary to… Read More

Featured Business – Brooks Plumbing

   University City is known for its historic neighborhoods. Many of the homes in these neighborhoods have stood since the first half of the 20th century, meaning that there are idiosyncrasies in their plumbing systems that are not found in newly constructed buildings. Most plumbing companies don’t service these older homes, but luckily for U… Read More

Touch of Tenderness CDS, LLC

   When it comes to our disabled or elderly loved ones, we always want to keep them in their own homes as long as possible. But the prospect of providing adequate care to a family member with special needs can be overwhelming, to say the least. Few of us have the time or training to… Read More

Featured Business – ESM Marketing

   Successful marketing is an indispensable part of business. It is also an incredibly challenging feat to pull off. Maximizing marketing potential is a task that is too large for most businesses to handle alone. That’s where ESM Marketing comes in. ESM Marketing (formerly MSW Marketing) is a premier marketing firm that offers services ranging… Read More

Featured Business – Organizing Magic

      Some people thrive on disorganization and chaos. For them, a messy environment inspires creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking. The rest of us aren’t so lucky. To us, a messy house, office or closet is nothing but a distraction that fosters procrastination, stress and a sense of embarrassment. Unfortunately, despite wanting to avoid these negative feelings,… Read More

Featured Business – Wu Hsing Chuan Five Animal Academy

  The Olive Link’s International District has achieved regional fame for its concentration of Chinese shops and restaurants. From Lu Lu Seafood to Universal Gifts & Furniture, the International District is defined by the strong presence of Chinese businesses and culture, so much so that many consider it to be the St. Louis region’s Chinatown…. Read More

Featured Business – Winco Windows

  Throughout much of the 20th Century St. Louis was defined by its industrial sector. Although the region became part of the Rust Belt after the decline of American manufacturing, several industrial firms are still contributing to the region’s economic fabric. Winco Windows, located in the Olive Link’s Industrial District, is a perfect example of… Read More

Featured Business – Cintas

   In 1929, Richard “Dox” Farmer founded Acme Wiper and Industrial Laundry in Cincinnati. The company’s business model revolved around washing and recycling soiled rags thrown out by factories and then selling them back good as new. Eventually Acme transitioned from washing and reselling rags to producing and renting out whipping towels and uniforms. After… Read More

Featured Business – Merhaba

   At the corner of Olive and Kingsland, there used to be a restaurant called Queen of Sheba, which was renowned by Olive Link diners for providing authentic Ethiopian cuisine. In 2015, the owners of Queen of Sheba decided to leave the business, but luckily East African food can still be found at the location… Read More