Sculpture Exhibit Photo Journal: Evolution of Balloon Chairs

The Balloon Chairs are two sculptures resembling over-sized, oddly shaped chairs. The sculptures’ steel skeletons are wrapped in metal mesh, and the mesh is covered with three layers of mortar. The sculptures have been painted with inviting colors and designs in order to give them a playful, friendly quality. Witness the evolution of these impressive structures below.

Meet the Artist – Madeline Marak

After New Orleans was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the city’s inhabitants, aided by volunteers and organizations from all over the county, worked to rebuild the city and to ensure that its best days were still ahead. Among the heroes who helped take back the city were countless artists who brought culture, creativity and… Read More

Meet the Artist – Vita Eruhimovitz

Why do we feel drawn to some objects and averse to others? What ideas, emotions and desires do we tend to associate with different objects?  How are our relations with objects shaped and altered by place and time? These issues of human-object relations fascinate Vita Eruhimovitz, one of the artists contributing to the Olive-Midland sculpture… Read More

Garrett Clough and Austin Wolf Release Sculpture Designs

At long last Garrett Clough and Austin Wolf have released the designs for their contributions to the Olive-Midland sculpture exhibit. This signals the beginning of the final phase of the exhibit’s construction. Although Vita Eruhimovitz, who will soon be leaving town, has nearly completed her sculpture, Garrett, Austin and Madeline Marak still have a significant… Read More

Meet the Artist – Garrett Clough

It’s easy to feel like you’re being watched these days. There are cameras in stores, on our phones and on our laptops. We document our thoughts and activities on Facebook and Twitter. Banks and credit card companies can track our purchases and travel patterns. And all of this information is easily accessed by those with… Read More

Sculpture Exhibit Photo Journal: Ground Has Broken

If you have driven down Olive during the past couple of weeks, you have probably noticed a great deal of activity near the corner of Olive and Midland. That’s because the construction of the new sculpture exhibit is now in full swing. The  four Wash U student artists have been working hard on site to… Read More

July 27 Community Meeting a Success / Progress Made on Sculpture Exhibit

On Monday, July 27, University City officials hosted a community meeting at the University City Public Library. Representatives of the City discussed the Olive Link’s new Olive-Midland sculpture exhibit as well as plans to rehabilitate the old Harris Armstrong building that sits on the same lot at the northwest corner of Olive and Midland Boulevards…. Read More

Madeline Marek and Vita Eruhimovitz Reveal Sculpture Designs

Madeline Marek and Vita Eruhimovitz are two of the artists contributing to the Olive-Midland sculpture exhibit. Both are working hard to complete their sculptures in time for the exhibit’s opening next month. The designs below are mere previews of these impressive structures. It is exciting to think of how amazing the real sculptures will be…. Read More

Meet the Artist – Austin Wolf

“What the hell are you doing with that thing?” Austin Wolf has been hearing this question ever since he placed an old concrete mixer drum in front of his garage in rural Illinois. Friends, neighbors and people simply passing by on the road are baffled when they see the rusty old monstrosity that has been… Read More

Sculpture Exhibit Coming to Olive and Midland

In July, ground will break on a small, temporary sculpture exhibit on the lot at the corner of Olive and Midland in University City. The exhibit is a joint project between the City of University City and Washington University. The sculptures are being designed by graduate students in a class taught by Professor Ron Fondaw… Read More