Featured Business – Tesla Motors

      If you’re trying to be environmentally conscious, searching for a new luxury vehicle or even just adding items to your post-lottery-win wish list, look no further than the Olive Link.  Tesla Motors, located at 8664 Olive Boulevard, specializes in incredibly smooth, fast and cool electric cars. Named after famed inventor Nikola Tesla, Tesla Motors is the… Read More

Meet the Artist – Austin Wolf

“What the hell are you doing with that thing?” Austin Wolf has been hearing this question ever since he placed an old concrete mixer drum in front of his garage in rural Illinois. Friends, neighbors and people simply passing by on the road are baffled when they see the rusty old monstrosity that has been… Read More

Featured Business- Pinx Academy of Dance

    Though humans have expressed themselves through dance since the dawn of time, most don’t make a career out of it. Some of us take the occasional Zumba class at the gym; others may simply enjoy watching a good musical number on TV, or at the theatre. Many just consider dance a fun hobby and… Read More

Featured Business – King’s Day Care

Reverend Carol Mitchell can only be described as a tried-and-true U City native. She has lived in St. Louis her whole life, but Mitchell firmly believes her church, her business, and her heart will always belong to the Olive Link.  Mitchell has reason to believe it – she’s run a nonprofit day care for nearly… Read More

Featured Business – Posh Limousine Sercive

Imagine buying a limousine for your own personal use. How do you think your neighbors would react? Would they hang back and talk to each other about how rich and cool you must be to your own limo? Or would they ask if they can borrow it for weddings, proms, fancy dinners and trips to… Read More

Featured Business – De Palm Tree

  Jamaica is a great place for a tropical beach getaway. The sand is white, the water’s blue, and the forests are vast and lush. Oh, and the food is unbelievably delicious. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could bring a small piece of Jamaica to University City? Well, Easton Romer, the Jamaican-born owner of… Read More

Featured Business – Mound City Shelled Nut Company

   There’s a stereotype that Greek-Americans make their livings in one of two ways: owning a restaurant or owning a store. Byron and Stacy Smyrniotis, owners of Mound City Shelled Nut Company, are proud to embrace that stereotype. Mound City originally opened in 1917 in the Delmar Loop. After the passing of founder Henry Kessel,… Read More

Featured Business – Curvy Vixen Boutique

   Shopping for clothes can be frustrating for people who wear larger sizes. Many clothing stores don’t offer plus size clothing, and there is a deficit of stores that cater specifically to the plus size market. That’s why Erica Murray decided to open Curvy Vixen Boutique, a plus size women’s clothing store that emphasizes trendiness and… Read More

Featured Business – Lu Lu Seafood & Dim Sum

  Consider the following resumé bullet points: Studied engineering at Tongji University in Shanghai Designed bridges and led development projects in Kenya Received a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Washington University. What should someone with these credentials do? Open a Chinese restaurant in University City, naturally! The above is just a snapshot of the… Read More

Sculpture Exhibit Coming to Olive and Midland

In July, ground will break on a small, temporary sculpture exhibit on the lot at the corner of Olive and Midland in University City. The exhibit is a joint project between the City of University City and Washington University. The sculptures are being designed by graduate students in a class taught by Professor Ron Fondaw… Read More